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Journal of Applied Psychology Cover

Journal of Applied Psychology

JAP emphasizes the publication of original investigations that contribute new knowledge and understanding to fields of applied psychology. The journal primarily considers empirical and theoretical investigations that enhance understanding of cognitive, motivational, affective, and behavioral psychological phenomena in work and organizational settings, broadly defined.

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Impact Factor: 7.429


Consulting Psychology Journal

A publication of the Society of Consulting Psychology (APA Division 13), CPJ advances knowledge in all areas of consulting psychology, including but not limited to coaching, assessment, leadership, corporate consulting, consulting to schools, and team consulting. This includes issues at the individual, group, and organizational/systemic levels so long as there is a consulting focus.

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Consulting Psychology Journal Cover
Journal of Occupational Health Psychology Cover

Journal of Occupational
Health Psychology

JOHP publishes theory, research, and public policy articles in occupational health psychology, an interdisciplinary field representing a broad range of backgrounds, interests, and specializations. Occupational health psychology concerns the application of psychology to improving the quality of work life and to protecting and promoting the safety, health, and well-being of workers.

Impact Factor: 7.25


International Journal of Stress Management Cover

International Journal
of Stress Management

A publication of the International Stress Management Association, IJSM focuses on assessment, management, and treatment of stress and trauma, whether emotional, cognitive, behavioral, or physiological. Personal, occupational, organizational, and societal issues relevant to stress identification and management are also covered.

Impact Factor: 4.043


The Psychologist–Manager Journal Cover

Psychology of Leaders and Leadership
Formerly The Psychologist-Manager Journal

A publication of the Society of Psychologists in Leadership (SPIL; formerly, SPIM), the journal explores how psychologists in leadership positions can use their expertise to help themselves and their organizations perform more effectively. Featuring highly practical insights, the journal is a platform for applied research in leadership.

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